marcus (sticky) morell  the youngster of the band was born on august 23, 1970 and grew up and has remained in hessen/germany. he is married to our most loyal „groupie“.

for more than 27 years he has been a great fan  of Melodic Progressive Rock Congregation (which church choir is this?).

his first experience with the drums was in the mid-80‘s. since forming a band at that time wasn‘t possible, he quickly lost interest in playing. he was left with with the constant desire to dicover new bands and music.

in 2005 everything changed drastically for him. he become one of the band members  who formed „tinitus“; bought himself a set of drums and decided to take his playing seriously.

now, he determines the beat for the band and he takes part in developing new music and lyrics, as well as singing background.

his favourite bands are .…… you will find these bands on the german version, thank you!……