In September of 2005, 4 simple guys from the hilly village of Ronneburg, Bernd (kyky), Marcus (sticky), Harald (leadl) and Rudi (ruudi) decided to get together and conquer Rock Heaven with their music.

A band was quickly formed with such songs as “Lady in Black”, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door and “Nights in White Satin”.  “Flyin’ High” became the band’s hymn.

Of course, a name was needed for the newly formed band. After much consideration of internal favorites, the name “tinitus” was decided upon…just ahead of “feeling” and “fallbach quartett”. Weekly jam sessions were held alternately in the band members’ homes.

Sticky began with a borrowed Roland-Digi set of drums first to test whether he really enjoyed being a drummer. Soon he moved up to a set of full blown drums and as the volume increased, tolerance at home decreased. A new room for practicing had to be located and was found in the premises of a local music course.

After “ruudi’s” departure, a new bass guitarist named “Pit” joined the band and the group re-oriented itself with a new name “magic ground” and new songs.

Our Thursday evening practice sessions are based on “Jam Session Blocks” with 30 self-composed titles. Several of these songs are found on our published CDs “wrapped” (with Volker Schwinghammer on bassguitar) and „captured“.

After several private gigs, magic ground organized and played at the “Pietsch Garden Open Air” which was quite successful. Magic ground now strives to perform publicly, beginning in small clubs. All of our songs are self-composed with a good mix of fast rock numbers and slow ballads.

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